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Happiness Boot Camp

Happiness Boot Camp is a course for people who want to achieve greater levels of happiness and overall well-being, no matter what their starting point. Based on the research findings from Positive Psychology (the scientific study of optimal human functioning), participants will learn scientifically proven interventions that lead to lasting and sustainable happiness.

Topics Covered:

  • Myths and Facts about what leads to happiness

  • The 10 Characteristics of Extremely Happy People – and what we can do to foster these characteristics in ourselves

  • The 5 Pillars of Psychological Well-being and Happiness

  • How to identify and use our ‘Signature Strengths’ to increase well-being

  • How to cultivate mindfulness, gratitude, optimism and positive relationships

  • Scientifically proven interventions and habits that lead to increased happiness, resilience, fulfillment and well-being

This course can be delivered in the following formats:
- 2-day workshop
- 8-week group (once per week, 2 hours per session)

For a Keynote presentation based on this topic, please see The Secrets of Extremely Happy People. For an academic class based on this topic, please see Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness.