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The Secrets of Extremely Happy People

There is a lesser-known but extremely pervasive addiction afflicting millions of people today, many who don’t even know it. It’s called “Destination Addiction”, more commonly known as “The Pursuit of  Happiness”. Symptoms include preoccupation with “next” and “more”; a belief that the next job, partner, house or car will finally bring happiness; and an inability to be happy now. Fortunately, 

researchers have found several effective interventions to treat Destination Addiction by studying the happiest people in the world to learn their secrets. In this plenary address, David Garvie and Angela Rolleman will reveal the secrets of these extremely happy people; both from science and from David’s 

personal perspective as one of the happiest people on the planet (as voted by Oprah’s audience!).

David Garvie is a funeral director, motivational speaker, volunteer pre-school teacher, percussionist, husband and father. He also happens to be one one of the happiest people on the planet. He has appeared on Oprah and was featured in a documentary called “In Pursuit of Happiness” because of his positive outlook and general happiness. He currently works as general manager of Ogden Funeral Homes in Toronto.

Angela Rolleman is a social worker, addiction counsellor, writer, speaker, trainer, wife, daughter, aunt, sister and friend. She is founder of Mission: Empowerment, a company that provides personal and professional development seminars and events. Recently, Angela has been offering “Happiness: 101” groups for clients, based on the principles of positive psychology.