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True Colors™ for Personal Awareness

True Colors™ is a model for understanding yourself and others based on your personality temperament. Based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the work of Dr. David Keirsey, True Colors™ offers a research-based approach to understanding human behaviour and motivation.  The colors of Orange, Green, Blue and Gold are used to differentiate the four central personality styles of True Colors™.

Knowing your primary and secondary "color" will provide you with clues to your esteem, your strengths, joys, needs and what causes you stress and frustration. Once you begin to incorporate these concepts into daily language and experience, you are able to recognize and appreciate diversity and your own unique strengths and preferences, as well as those of people at work, school, and home.

During this interactive three-hour workshop, Angela will lead you to discover your dominant True Color and your unique “Color Spectrum” to gain a better understanding of yourself and the people around you.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Understand and appreciate characteristics of self and others

  • Recognize own and others’ values, joys and strengths

  • Reduce potential conflict and frustration

  • Build and promote self-esteem, respect and confidence

  • Deepen relationships and create a more harmonious environment

  • Enhance communication skills

"Successful people know who they are and what their True Colors are...
when you know what your core values and needs are and feel good
about them, you can perform at your highest potential in every
area of life. And when you share a working, mutual understanding
of others' core values and needs, you have the basis to
communicate, motivate, and achieve common goals with
utmost dignity, efficacy, and mutual respect." 

-Don Lowry, creator of True Colors