Motivational Interviewing (MI), developed by clinical psychologists William Miller and Stephen Rollnick, is a directive, client-centered approach used to strengthen clients’ motivation for positive behaviour change by exploring and resolving feelings of ambivalence.  MI is used hand-in-hand with the “Stages of Change” model (also known as the Transtheoretical Model), and different motivational interviewing techniques are recommended depending on the client’s stage of readiness for change.

Motivational Interviewing was first developed for work with problem drinkers, after findings indicated that the traditional methods of aggressive confrontation and/or direct persuasion with this population actually served to increase client resistance and reduce the probability of change.  Research has since shown that the MI approach is effective in activating positive behaviour change for a wide range of concerns including diabetes management, smoking cessation, weight loss, unemployment, health care improvement, and mental health problems.

This interactive workshop will introduce participants to the fundamental principles and techniques of motivational interviewing.  Through discussions, case examples, demonstrations, and small and large group exercises, participants will also have an opportunity for hands-on practice and skill-building.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • describe the basic concepts of motivational interviewing, including its spirit and essential strategies

  • describe the “Stages of Change” model and explain the relationship between motivational interventions and stages of change

  •  assess clients’ readiness for change

  • implement motivational interviewing strategies to explore and resolve clients' feelings of ambivalence or resistance to change

  • identify and facilitate “change talk” in their clients

  • strengthen empathic counselling skills (described by the OARS acronym)​

This training can be offered as 1.5 day training or a 2 day training.

It can also be purchased as an ON DEMAND workshop (12 hour training) here.

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​​​​​​​​Motivational Interviewing

“The natural response of anyone who is challenged about a behavior over which they are ambivalent, is to argue the counter position”
— Saunders & Wilkinson, 1990

Angela Rolleman 

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Here's what previous workshop attendees had to say...

“I have attended Motivational Interviewing workshops in the past, however this is the first time I feel empowered by the material, which I largely attribute to the non-threatening approach & multiple interactive activities you provided for us to practice. Thank you so much”

“Amazing presentation. Very relevant to practice. Great review of many skills. Great examples and and interactive learning”

“After taking a University Course in [Motivational Interviewing] that was very boring, this workshop triggered a lot more interest in this topic”