​Don't Believe Everything You Think: How to Overcome Limiting

Beliefs and Re-Program Your Thoughts for Success

“Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right.”
— Henry Ford

Is the voice inside your head empowering you or holding you back?  All too often, our thoughts and beliefs have been programmed to be negative and disempowering.  As a result we sabotage ourselves, stop ourselves from pursuing goals and dreams, beat ourselves up, and tell ourselves that we “can’t”. Our thoughts become our reality. The good news is, we can re-program our thoughts to become more positive, empowering and supportive.  The added bonus is that when we do this we can achieve better results in every aspect of our lives, whether our goals are to achieve and maintain a healthy weight,go back to school, find inner peace, become the president of the company, have a happy and enduring marriage, or become a multimillionaire!

This workshop will discuss how to identify and overcome your own limiting beliefs and re-program your thoughts to set yourself up for success.

This workshop can be delivered in several different formats to suit your needs:
- 1 hour keynote
- 3 hour workshop
- 4.5 hour workshop
- Full-Day Workshop 

Alternatively, this workshop can be delivered in shorter weekly sessions (2 or 3 sessions). This format allows participants time to practice what they've learned on their own time, and share their progress and successes in the subsequent sessions.

Angela Rolleman 

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