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​​​Fundamentals of Addiction

Addiction affects all of us, including those suffering from addiction, their family members and friends, and the service providers that cross their paths.  Unfortunately, many people in a position to help someone with an addiction don’t know what to look for or how to help.  Even if they do know how to help, issues of shame, stigma, and discrimination prevent many people with addictions from ever seeking assistance.  And when the stars align and an individual does admit an addiction problem to a person who does know what to look for and how to help, there are still many challenges that they encounter with navigating the addiction treatment system and getting help in a timely fashion.

So how do you recognize the signs of substance use and abuse in the clients that you encounter?  How might you effectively help them to overcome fears about disclosing addiction problems?   What can you do to help someone who is ready for help....and what can you do for those who are not? How do you successfully navigate the addiction treatment system before the opportunity has passed?

This workshop will answer these and other questions about addiction and addiction treatment.  Participants will learn about common psychoactive drugs and their effects, signs and symptoms of substance abuse, the substance use continuum, the principle of harm reduction, the stages of change model, how best to identify and intervene with clients with addiction problems, and addiction treatment options. Participants will also have the opportunity to hear from a guest speaker who is a person with "lived experience" of addiction problems and who will answer questions from a client perspective. 

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Define and distinguish between substance use, abuse, dependence and addiction

  • Recognize signs and symptoms of substance use and abuse

  • List common psychoactive drugs and their effects

  • Understand the stages of change model as it applies to clients with substance abuse problems

  • Understand how best to intervene with clients who have substance abuse problems

  • Understand what is involved in the assessment and treatment of substance abuse problems and the range of treatment options

This workshop can be formatted as a 1-day or 2-day training event.

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Here's what previous workshop attendees had to say...

“I enjoyed everything about the presentation. Angela is a gifted teacher and presenter. The info was well-delivered. Guest speaker was equally gifted. Awesome workshop!”

"I have been waiting to attend a workshop like this for a long time. It was excellent"

"Information was factual, based on research, but experiences in working with people with addiction that were shared by Angela and others made it real and meaningful"