Craving Change™

Most of us know that eating an apple is healthier than eating chocolate cake, so why do we often choose

the cake? Contrary to popular belief, it is not just about having “willpower”.  You can have all the

knowledge and motivation in the world, but until you learn how to overcome the "emotional" and

"conditioning" part of overeating, you will have a very hard time succeeding in your goal to overcome

problematic eating behaviours. 

That's where Craving Change comes in. The Craving Change™ workshop, created by dietitian Wendy Shah and clinical psychologist Dr. Colleen Cannon, is a licensed, trademarked and evidence-based program that uses a cognitive-behavioural approach to help gain self-awareness of eating triggers and develop concrete strategies to help manage emotional eating and create new responses and strategies.  This is not a course about dieting, but about understanding and controlling the behaviors that drive overeating.

Craving Change is a workshop series that is typically taught as three 2 ½ hour classes or four 2 hour classes over a 4 week period.

For more information about Craving Change™, please read our 
FAQ page.

Private Craving Change™ Workshops:

Craving Change™ can be arranged through your workplace wellness committee, church groups or any other organized group wanting to host this workshop.

We can also travel to hold the workshop for groups in other cities within a 1-hour drive from Kitchener, if you are able to get a group of 12-15 people together who would like to register. 

To schedule a Craving Change™ workshop for your group, 
E-mail us. The cost is $80 per participant and includes a Craving Change™ client workbook for each participant.

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“It’s only been 3 sessions and I already feel/see the positive changes happening in my life.  Thank you!”

“I loved EVERYTHING!  The way that different factors were tied in with the issues concerning food.  I don’t think you missed anything!!”

“It’s a different kind of program from anything else I've tried - it's not just a diet, it gets to the root of the problem”

Angela Rolleman 

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